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NEW J-SERIES RADIO! (03.01.06)

Introducing the high powered Jobcom J Series radio. With its ultra small size, lightweight and high power transmitter, the J Series radio is the ideal solution for your on-site and in-plant communication needs. At the push-of-a-button, you can be in two places at once to communicate with multiple work groups, coordinate activities, or expedite customer orders. The rugged and reliable Jobcom J Series portable radio will save you time and money by allowing your crew to work smarter and more efficiently. No air-time charges or monthly fees to pay with Jobcom 2-way radios.

Jobcom radios transmit directly radio-to-radio....no extra equipment is required, and they're also compatible with other Jobcom portable radios, our desk-top base stations and OutPost Callboxes, so you can add other radios to the system as your needs grow. Jobcom radios are also compatible with virtually any other brand of two-way radio operating on the same frequency.




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