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TeleSwitch - Radio Control Remote Switch

The Ritron TeleSwitch is a radio-controlled remote switch. It includes a built-in VHF or UHF RF telemetry radio and a dual-relay DTMF decoder. The TeleSwitch allows remote, wireless control of any device that can be turned on or off. The dual-relay decoder board responds to predetermined DTMF tones to either activate or de-activate one or both of its relays. The relays, in turn, can be hardwired to any of a multitude of devices such as solenoids, pump motors, lights, track heaters, etc.

TeleSwitch models can be used in a variety of commercial and heavy industrial environments. All electronics are housing in a sealed enclosure. Hard-wire connection of an external device is made via heyco strain relief. Each TeleSwitch includes a antenna with BNC, AC power supply and narrow band compliant, DTX Series RF telemetry module.

 Description   Features   Specs   Accessories 

To learn about TeleSwitch features, contact us at 1-800-872-1872.

 Description   Features   Specs   Accessories 

For the specs on the TeleSwitch, contact us at 1-800-872-1872.

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